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Analytical study of Egberto Gismonti's compositional and improvisational practices in his Frevopara piano music, especially at the intersection between thematic development and improvisation procedures. From the version recorded on the disc Alma (GISMONTI, 1987a), whose transcription was performed by the authors of this article and published in the present volume of Per Musi (GISMONTI, 2013, p.125-144), it is observed how Gismonti obtains great unity in the making of Frevo based on the recurrence and several transformations of only five reasons throughout the work. The analysis also reveals a hybridization of elements of popular music (frevo, jazz, improvisation) and classical (with reflections of methods of the piano technique, JS Bach, F. Chopin, H. Villa-Lobos, from the First and Second Schools of Vienna and the post-1950 period).

Read the full article: MAGALHÃES PINTO, M. G. M .; BORÉM, F. The organized chaos of Egberto Gismonti in Frevo… Per Musi, Belo Horizonte, n.28, 2013, p.102-124.

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Keywords: música para piano de Egberto Gismonti; práticas composicionais e improvisatórias; hibridismo entre música popular em música erudita; frevo na música brasileira.

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